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I was born in Madrid where I studied both maths and physics, though I have also enjoyed the universities and daily life of some other awesome places like Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona, or Rio de Janeiro. I did my Ph.D. thesis in mathematical physics under the supervision of Eduardo J.S. Villaseñor (UC3M) and Fernando Barbero (IEM-CSIC).

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My main interests revolve around the mathematical aspects of General Relativity and Field Theories, especially in the presence of boundaries. Due to the characteristics of the spaces involved, I come across quite often with some tricky and subtle aspects of functional analysis, differential geometry, and symplectic geometry. The ultimate goal of such a study is to better understand how a theory of quantum gravity might behave.

More specifically, I am currently interested in the geometric formulation of the Covariant Phase Space methods and their application to several theories.




The importance of science communication is already well acknowledged as a way to connect with society, explain our research, and generate vocation in young students. That is why I am so passionate about it! I love engaging people with topics that might seem difficult or tedious at first. Showing them examples where maths and physics appear in their everyday life. Making them wonder about fundamental questions that can be taken for granted.


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