Motivated by the idea that applied mathematics plays an important role in advancing science and technology in industry, the UC3M offers an interdisciplinary Master Program specializing in Mathematics in Industry. This program is co-sponsored by the:

The main objective of this Master is to train mathematicians, engineers and applied scientists to use mathematical models, understanding and computational solutions in industry. It covers courses related to modeling of technical subjects as encountered in material engineering, fluid and solid mechanics, bioengineering, etc. We foster the use of mathematical models and computational methodologies needed in these various application areas, and build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of industry and technology.

These sectors are looking for experts trained in quantitative modeling and computational training to tackle problems arising in engineering and industry. Graduates of the Master in Industrial Mathematics are uniquely positioned to meet these needs and hence are valued by high-tech industries for employment.

All students in this Master Program will gain valuable work experience through real-world research projects.