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ESSIM 2013


  • The Local coordinators in each institution must send to Prof. J.M. Gambi (email the name and e-mail of the participating students.
  • Teachers and Instructors will be accommodated in single rooms at the University Residence "Fernando Abril Martorell"
  • Students will be accommodated in double rooms at the University Residence "Fernando Abril Martorell"

Last update on 30/May/2013 by M. Carretero

Prof. L. L. Bonilla
Director of the Gregorio Millán Institute.
ECMI Coordinator of the University Carlos III and member of the ECMI Council.

Prof. J. M. Gambi
Gregorio Millán Institute.
University Carlos III of Madrid, 
Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 91-624-9441
Fax: +34 91 6249129

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Escuela Politécnica Superior.
Gregorio Millán Institute.
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