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Seminars 2023


Thursday, March 16

Models and simulations for charge transport in graphene-based electron devices

Giovanni Nastasi

Universitá di Catania, Italy


In the last decades, low dimensional materials have been investigated in electronics for adoption in the industry with the aim to reduce the dimensions of new electronic devices. One of the most prominent 2D materials is graphene for its very peculiar electronic properties, e.g., high electric conductivity. At the kinetic level, the semiclassical Boltzmann equation can be adopted for accurate simulations including the electron-phonon and the electron-electron scattering. For engineering applications, macroscopic models, e.g. drift-diffusion or hydrodynamics, play an important role to have a reasonable computational time for simulations. In this talk, an overview of the models mentioned above will be given with also the numerical aspects. Moreover, some recent results and applications will be shown.

The seminar will take place at 13:00 in classroom 1.2.C16 (Edificio Betancourt) Universidad Carlos III

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