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Publications 1994

  1. L.L. Bonilla, I.R. Cantalapiedra, M.J. Bergmann and S.W. Teitsworth
    "Onset of current oscillations in extrinsic semiconductors"
    Semiconductor Science and Technology 9, 599-602 (1994)

  2. L.L. Bonilla, J. Galán, J.A. Cuesta, F.C. Martínez and J.M. Molera
    "Dynamics of electric field domains and oscillations of the photocurrent in a simple superlattice model"
    Physical Review B 50, 8644-8657 (1994) [arXiv:cond-mat/9406088]

  3. L.L. Bonilla, F. Higuera and S. Venakides
    "The Gunn effect: Instability of the steady state and stability of the solitary wave in long extrinsic semiconductors"
    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 54, 1521-1541 (1994)  Pdf

  4. J. González, F. Guinea and M.A.H. Vozmediano
    "Shake-up effect and intermolecular tunneling in C60 ions"
    Physical Review B 50, 5752-5755 (1994) [arXiv:cond-mat/9403083]

  5. J. González, F. Guinea and M.A.H. Vozmediano
    "Electrostatic screening in fullerene compounds"
    Modern Physics Letters B 8, 1437 (1994)

  6. J. González, F. Guinea and M.A.H. Vozmediano
    "Non-Fermi liquid behavior of electrons in the half-filled honeycomb lattice. A renormalization group approach"
    Nuclear Physics B 424, 595-618 (1994)

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