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Publications 2021

  1. F. Barbero, M. Basquens, V. Varo, E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Three roads to the geometric constraint formulation of gravitational theories with boundaries"
    Symmetry 13, 1430 (2021) [doi:10.3390/sym13081430]

  2. F. Barbero, B. Díaz, J. Margalef-Bentabol, and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Hamiltonian Gotay-Nester-Hinds analysis of the parametrized unimodular extension of the Holst action"
    Physical Review D 103, 064062 (2021) [arXiv:2101.12311] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.103.064062]

  3. F. Barbero, B. Díaz, J. Margalef-Bentabol, and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Concise symplectic formulation for tetrad gravity"
    Physical Review D 103, 024051 (2021) [arXiv:2011.00661] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.103.024051]

  4. F. Barbero, J. Margalef-Bentabol, V. Varo, and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Palatini gravity with nonmetricity, torsion, and boundaries in metric and connection variables"
    Physical Review D 104, 044046 (2021) [arXiv:2105.07053] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.104.044046]

  5. J.M. Gambi and M.L. García del Pino
    "Post-Newtonian tracking formulae to increase the shooting accuracy of autonomous LEO laser trackers"
    Advances in Space Research 67, 2282-2303 (2021) [doi:10.1016/j.asr.2021.01.028]

  6. J.M. Gambi, M.L. García del Pino, J. Moser, and E.B. Weinmüller
    "Post-Newtonian equations of motion for LEO debris objects and space-based acquisition, pointing and tracking laser systems"
    Photonics 8, 55 (2021) [doi:10.3390/photonics8020055]

  7. I. González-Adalid Pemartín, E. Mompó, A. Lasanta, V. Martín-Mayor, and J. Salas
    "Slow growth of magnetic domains helps fast evolution routes for out-of-equilibrium dynamics"
    Physical Review E 104, 044114 (2021) [arXiv:2105.13973] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.104.044114]

  8. J. Margalef-Bentabol and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Geometric formulation of the covariant phase space methods with boundaries"
    Physical Review D 103, 025011 (2021) [arXiv:2008.01842] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.103.025011]

  9. A. Militaru, A. Lasanta, M. Frimmer, L.L. Bonilla, L. Novotny, and R.A. Rica
    "Kovacs memory effect with an optically levitated nanoparticle"
    Physical Review Letters 127, 130603 (2021) [arXiv:2103.14412] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.130603]

  10. E. Mompó, M. Carretero, and L.L. Bonilla
    "Designing Hyperchaos and Intermittency in Semiconductor Superlattices"
    Physical Review Letters 127, 096601 (2021) [arXiv:2108.11843] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.096601]

  11. J.E. Ramírez, B. Díaz, and C. Pajares
    "Interacting color strings as the origin of the liquid behavior of the quark-gluon plasma"
    Physical Review D 103, 094029 (2021) [arXiv:2012.07920] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.103.094029]

  12. D. Rosales Herrera, J.E. Ramírez, J. Velázquez-Castro, B. Díaz, M. I. Martínez, P. Vázquez Juárez, and A. Fernández Téllez
    "Mobility strategies based on percolation theory to avoid the spread of diseases: COVID-19"
    Revista Mexicana de Física, in press (2021) [arXiv:2105.10934]

  13. J. Salas and A.D. Sokal
    "The Graham--Knuth--Patashnik recurrence: Symmetries and continued fractions"
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 28, #P2.18 (2021) [arXiv:2008.03070]

  14. F. Terragni, L.L. Bonilla, and J.M. Vega
    "Uncovering spatiotemporal patterns in semiconductor superlattices by efficient data processing tools"
    Physical Review E 104, 035303 (2021) [arXiv:2109.14660] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.104.035303]

  15. C. Trenado, L.L. Bonilla, and A. Martínez-Calvo
    "Fingering instability in spreading epithelial monolayers: roles of cell polarisation, substrate friction and contractile stresses"
    Soft Matter 17, 2021 (8276-8290) [arXiv:2104.05699] [doi:10.1039/D1SM00626F]

  16. R. Vega, M. Carretero, L.L. Bonilla
    "Anomalous Angiogenesis in Retina"
    Biomedicines 9, 224 (2021) [doi:10.3390/biomedicines9020224]

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