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Publications 1991

  1. L.L. Bonilla
    "Solitary waves in semiconductors with finite geometry and the Gunn effect"
    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 51, 727-747 (1991)

  2. L.L. Bonilla and F.J. Higuera
    "Gunn instability in finite samples of GaAs. I Stationary states, stability and boundary conditions"
    Physica D 52, 458-476 (1991)  Pdf

  3. L.L. Bonilla, F.J. Higuera and J.M. Vega
    "Stability of stationary solutions of extended reaction-diffusion-convection equations on a finite segment"
    Applied Mathematics Letters 4, 41-44 (1991)

  4. L.L. Bonilla and B.A. Malomed
    "Motion of kinks for the ac-driven damped Frenkel-Kontorova chain"
    Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 43, 11539-11541 (1991)  Pdf

  5. L.L. Bonilla and S.W. Teitsworth
    "Theory of periodic and solitary space charge waves in extrinsic semiconductors"
    Physica D 50, 545-559 (1991)

  6. L.L. Bonilla and J.M. Vega
    "On the stability of wavefronts and solitary space charge waves in extrinsic semiconductors under current bias"
    Physics Letters A 156, 179-182 (1991)

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