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Publications 2022

  1. F. Barbero, M. Basquens, B. Díaz, and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Consistent and non-consistent deformations of gravitational theories"
    High Energy Physics 2022, 175 (2022) [arXiv:2202.07997] [doi:10.1007/JHEP05(2022)175]

  2. F. Barbero, J. Margalef-Bentabol, V. Varo, and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "On the on-shell equivalence of general relativity and Holst theories with nonmetricity, torsion, and boundaries"
    Physical Review D 105, 064066 (2022) [arXiv:2201.12141] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.105.064066]

  3. B. Díaz, D. González, D. Gutiérrez-Ruiz, and J.D. Vergara
    "Classical analogs of the covariance matrix, purity, linear entropy, and von Neumann entropy"
    Physical Review A, in press (2022) [arXiv:2112.10899]

  4. J. Margalef-Bentabol and E.J.S. Villaseñor
    "Proof of the equivalence of the symplectic forms derived from the canonical and the covariant phase space formalisms"
    Physical Review D 105, L101701 (2022) [arXiv:2204.06073] [doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.105.L101701]

  5. D. Rosales Herrera, J.E. Ramírez, J. Velázquez-Castro, B. Díaz, M.I. Martínez, P. Vázquez Juárez, and A. Fernández Téllez
    "Mobility strategies based on percolation theory to avoid the spread of diseases: COVID-19"
    Revista Mexicana de Física 68, 011701 (2022) [arXiv:2105.10934] [doi:10.31349/RevMexFis.68.011701]

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